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At Scott McLeod Plumbing, no problem is too big or small for us to handle. We have a team of expert plumbers that complete all plumbing jobs in San Bernardino, CA with honesty and integrity, and we only use the safest and most effective plumbing methods. With Scott McLeod Plumbing, you can trust that the problem will be gone for good and won’t cause you any more trouble.

How much does it cost to replace a water heater near San Bernardino?

Updating a tank-based water heater costs an average of $1,245. However, the actual cost will be determined by the size and type of heater you select.

Larger units tend to be more expensive, and additional features and upgrades can push the price up to $2,000 for the heater alone. Tankless water heaters range in price from $1,000 to $3,500, not including labor.

To calculate your overall price, add the cost of your unit and $50 to $100 per hour for a plumber. Please keep in mind that the cost of labor may rise if your project requires supplemental venting, piping, or electrical wiring.

How much does it cost to have a plumber clear a clogged drain near San Bernardino?

The average price to unclog a drain is between $130 and $180. This covers the price of both drain cleaning and locating the clog. The majority of plumbing companies have a flat rate of $50 to $150 for an initial visit which also includes the first hour of labor.

Many plumbers charge by the hour to unclog a drain, however, some plumbers have set prices for routine tasks like drain cleaning. The type of clogged plumbing fixture and the ease of access will also determine how much you pay.

Scott McLeod is who residents in San Bernardino call first. We offer a variety of different plumbing services, including:

With all of these services, we offer free estimates and financing options for those larger plumbing problems.

No matter the nature of your plumbing needs, you can count on us to get the job done quickly and correctly! Just connect with our team today at 909-980-9907 and we are happy to help!

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